Take control of your Slack status and set your own hours.

Appear online and active even if you're away from the computer or on a mobile device.

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Be available when you want

Set your Slack presence from anywhere. You may have stepped away or are using a mobile device, but you don't want to discourage communication. Slacker.io is ideal for:

  • Remote Workers
  • Support Teams
  • Small Businesses
  • Multiple Computers
  • Mobile Users
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Schedule your working and do-not-disturb hours

Set the times you want to appear available and control your status on a weekly schedule. You will still receive mobile notifications so you can always keep in touch with your team. With the Yearly plan, you can also schedule do-not-disturb hours so you can carve out consistent periods of more focused productivity.

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Simple Pricing

Choose Monthly or Yearly billing. The Yearly plan allows you to add multiple Slack workspaces and schedule "Do Not Disturb" periods. You can change or cancel your plan at any time.

Slacker Monthly
  • Stay Online & Active
  • Schedule Working Hours
  • 1 user & workspace
  • Schedule Do-Not-Disturb
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Yearly Productivity
Save 20%
  • Stay Online & Active
  • Schedule Working Hours
  • 10 users & workspaces
  • Schedule Do-Not-Disturb
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Frequently Asked Questions

Slacker.io is a mobile-friendly website that lets you control your Slack status. You can set your status to active or do-not-disturb manually or create a weekly schedule of working hours. This is helpful for those that want to appear available during specific hours, such as remote workers, support teams, or those using mobile devices.
Slacker.io uses your personal API key to connect to the Slack API and set your status. Even if you go completely offline, Slacker.io will continue to set your status depending on the schedule you define.
Slack sets your status to active (green dot) if you have been using your desktop computer in the last 20 minutes. If you are using a mobile device, Slack only shows you as active when you are using the mobile app.
The do-not-disturb status (green dot with Z) is similar to active, except that Slack will silence notifications during this time. It can be helpful to schedule do-not-disturb periods so that teammates know you are busy or in deep focus.
Slacker.io does not require installation, only your personal API key. Your workplace won't know if you are using Slacker.io. Some workplaces may prevent you from using API keys.
Unfortunately not at this time. :/